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There is more to Artwork Changes than just the physical changes, it is important to make sure these changes are done on time and within the appropriate regulatory framework. We help you to manage your projects and control the outcomes helping you to succeed.

Maly IT Solutions Regulatory Affairs Artwork Project Management

Regulatory Affairs Software

Within an increasingly global Pharmaceutical industry and with no International Regulatory Body handling Submissions is becoming more complex. Not only is each individual Regulatory Agency unique, but also timing is becoming more and more important.

Maly IT Solutions understands this problem and has a Cloud-based solution which allows you to track your Submissions so you know exactly where in your process each Submission is in. Being Cloud-Based the data can be completed by not only by your people but also people in your agencies, across the whole world.

As your Submissions move through their process it is important that the correct people are notified of the changes, Maly IT Solution's software allows you to determine who is emailed of the changes and allows you to determine any additional information you wish to be sent on to the individuals. By using the power of AWS we also report back to the project manager when an email address is not delivered to the recipient.

Being Software specifically written for the Pharmaceutical Industry it is fully validated.

Maly IT Solutions Regulatory Affairs Artwork Project Management


Everything we do at Maly IT Solutions is based around the core fact we believe IT should be focused on your needs. This could be anything from Strategic Planning to Building Software to Fixing bugs. The result is to help you transform your business to meet the demands of the marketplace.


Within the Pharmaceutical Industry Maly IT Solutions are Artworks and Regulatory Affairs specialists. We understand the interaction between RA Departments and the Artworks Department and how the journey continues down the supply chain. Maly IT solutions understands how modern development processes can be used to ensure the needs of all departments are met.


When building software to solve problems within a Pharmaceutical Company, there are additional challenges to ensure the quality of the solution. To ensure that any solution provided meets the expectations of the appropriate regulatory body we need to Validate the solution. Maly IT Solutions has particular specialism in this area, we understand the processes needed to produce Safe, Quality software.

Project Management

All projects are unique and have their own complex issues, within the Pharma industry these problems are further exacerbated by how fast the industry moves. Maly IT Solutions have experience in ensuring that regardless of what challenges arrive the Project is kept under control, ultimately ensuring success.

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